8 of Cups

8 of Cups Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

When the Eight of Cups appears in a reading it’s maybe time to think about leaving something behind that no longer serves us justice. This could be anything, from a relationship to a work situation. Perhaps something from your life is just missing and you can not figure out what it is? In the Mythic Deck we see Psyche (a young woman) walking away from a situation with sadness as she wonders whether she has made the right choice. Often when we come face to face with Eight we fear that a situation we have been in for too long is draining us.

For example, you may be in a relationship where you have been giving too much but receiving too little. Or it could be that you have closed the door on a situation but are thinking of re-entering the situation as there has been no closure.

The Eight of Cups doesn’t necessarily mean that all is lost; it can simply mean taking a few steps back for a while until we regain the strength that we need to handle the situation. If you look at the art work on any card with the Eight you will usually see an image representing eight glasses and sometimes a woman with the Moon in the background. Pay attention to the Moon in the background as the Moon often makes things unclear and puts a slant on things, so we can not make fair and accurate decisions until we come face to face with daylight again. In many situations when the Eight appears things just aren’t clear enough and the only thing that we can do to diffuse the situation is to let time do its thing!

If you are dealing with a work situation then sometimes this card can point to a group of people that are giving you unnecessary pressure. It could even be a social group or a social networking site where you feel you are being misunderstood. It’s always wise to consider all your options when this card appears. Just take a look at your situation and deal with it the best way that you can.

It is important to note that we give out what we get back and sometimes when you give too much of yourself away, the people around you can take it for granted leaving you with a feeling of worthlessness and regret. But no one is ever down for too long as we pick ourselves back up and continue to ride the rollercoaster. The Eight is a temporary situation which will blow over soon so sit back, reflect and allow yourself the space to think.

If the Eight appears reversed in a reading take a look at your emotional state as quite often it can indicate that we are holding ourselves back without realising. You may feel starved of love but it could be because you are holding onto a past memory that has clearly run its course! Remember that new love always exists and rather than drowning in one’s own self pity now could perhaps be the time to see what else may be jumping out from around the corner.

Think about your relationship values perhaps or think about the energy that surrounds you at this time, small changes we make within ourselves can lead to far greater things.