7 of Wands

7 of Wands Tarot Card by Tarot Guru


The keyword of the Seven of Wands is ‘defiance’, and the card is all about standing your ground in times of adversity, being stubborn and sticking up for yourself with a firm attitude. Events may be taking place and we may feel a sudden urge to dive in headfirst and really show the world what we are made of. This is not a time for drifting but a time for putting things back together, being sure of what you believe, and willing to fight for it.

Quite often with the Seven of Wands we will feel as if we are under attack in some way, we may feel threatened and a little uncertain of where we stand which can often make us act without thinking, so we take the plunge and try to sustain a hard grip on what we feel belongs to us. This may well be a time for competing.

In many cases the card applies to a talent that you feel you must protect or a work situation that is in some way under threat. Sometimes new people enter our lives and we feel overwhelmed, yet misplaced. We do not want to be forgotten and we must always remember to shine in our own individual way so that those around us do not overstep the mark. In this case, this card holds a territorial essence. It is about surviving and doing what we feel is right.

The same will apply for relationships, where we may find ourselves in an ongoing battle with a partner or friend in the sense that they have not been paying enough attention to our needs. Perhaps they have been paying too much attention to someone or something else recently? We may feel inclined to stand our ground. It could even be that we ourselves have met someone new, but a friend or associate also has their eye on the attraction.

The message the Seven brings to you is that you can achieve all you want as long as you keep up with a consistent flow. Try to rise above competition by simply being yourself, there can often be a temptation to compare ourselves to the impossible, making us feel worthless and alone. We must not forget who we are when this card appears.

Should this card be reversed then you have found yourself in a position where you have been defeated. You will also have to face jealousy and rivalry of some kind. Stick to your guns. This is a chance to feel the strength that lies within, the strength that you have been hiding from yourself. Be patient however and do not feel tempted to act out of rage, instead plan things carefully and you will succeed.