7 of Swords

7 of Swords Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Seven of Swords often speaks about separation from others, and we may feel deprived in our own worlds when it appears.  The keyword of the card is dishonesty, and the card is all about stealing, lying and deceit.

In other situations this card may speak about the need for solitude or the need to get things done independently. Sometimes when we need our alone time other people do not understand, so we can come across as untrustworthy, but the hidden meaning that lies within the Seven of Swords expresses a hidden power, it is even sexy and full of drive.

If this card appears in our future then we may have to run a risk that puts our own needs before everyone else’s, but sometimes in life you have to be a little bit selfish so that you can learn to give back to others what you take for yourself. This card is a little bit naughty,  perhaps a little bit devious, but also a little bit exciting! It is one of those cards that will rely on the surrounding cards in order to build a solid picture. It is unusual, puzzling perhaps, and even mysterious!

If this card applies to a work situation then you will have to apply your independence in some way, others may see you as ruthless or mischievous, but something is standing in your way. There is no other way around the obstacle other than to force movement, and it will be down to you whether you decide to skirt around the object or push it aside completely. Don’t be surprised if secrets get revealed.

The same applies to relationships, usually a secret will have been revealed (or is about to be ), or the partner will have strong suspicions that there is something going on that causes a need for investigation. Usually we are looking at scandals, lies, cheats, chaos and accusations of some kind. There may even be a need to confront an ongoing situation – enough is enough. In other cases this card can speak about tricky decisions, such as leaving one partner for another or determining whether an affair is really worth it. Whatever the case, there is usually something itching underneath the skin of the enquirer, an urge, a guilt or an underlying need to reveal something that has been kept hush.We may find ourselves feeling exposed, ashamed, and even naked in our general state of being.

With the reversal of this card listen carefully to what is festering underneath the surface – let your thoughts run riot so that blocks can be removed and creativity can flow. Now is the time to listen to your inner senses. It could be that someone is offering you advice and you are dithering on whether or not to take it or even listen to it – the answer usually is, yes you should. The negative thinking cycle is about to end if you allow yourself to follow through with the signs. Usually the reversal indicates that you are starting to pay attention to the inner self by following wise guidance and advice.