7 of Cups

7 of Cups Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

When the Seven of Cups appears in a reading it is time to think about what’s going on in your life. Often we see someone staring at seven different cups with seven different objects inside them, most of which are all shiny and new. Do we go for the new relationship and push our working lives to the side? Or do we take the business deal and breathe in silence for the next 7 months? Do we perhaps want everything that the seven if presenting to us? Or do we want to cut and run?

The seven can be tricky, as often when this card shows up decisions are not easy and there is usually too much of everything going on at the same time.

Perhaps you have a choice of two relationships? Or perhaps everything has come along like a stack of buses … Life never hands anything over to us easily and always asks you to make a decision which often comes with a sacrifice. It can be a tough call but the advice of this card urges you to take time out if needed and think seriously.

This card will often come up in our readings when we have reached a very specific crossroads so it can be a fantastic outlet for creativity.

If the card applies to your love life then often you will need to reconsider your options, perhaps things aren’t quite as straight forward as what you anticipated. Perhaps it is time to take time out? Or perhaps you can no longer continue with an affair. It is time to face up to reality and make a choice but reality says you can’t have it all!

As far as work and finances go then again this card could be speaking about wanting it all or wanting to balance things that can’t possibly be balanced. You may find that you have to leave something behind or cut back on something in order to make the situation more workable. The challenge of the seven is deciding what goes exactly? Will you have to leave your job? Will have to take a pay cut? Or will you have to work harder in order to achieve the right results? Only you can decide and the surrounding cards will ultimately predict the outcome.

If you receive the reversal of the seven then more often than not this will point to some sort of self denial or laziness. Sometimes it is easy to be lazy and dream with the seven and the temptation to just “let things go and become drift wood” can be more trouble than what it is actually worth. Drifting will only make us confused in life and weaken our status. Even if we are fearful of making the wrong choice then at least the choice we have made initially will teach us something. We can only do our best and seek guidance if needed.