6 of Pentacles

6 of Pentacles Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Six of Pentacles heralds a time of receiving. We usually see a man with evenly balanced scales, signifying good karma. It is time to even things out and take back what rightly belongs to us. Usually the querent has given much out to the universe and it is now their time to expect something back. This can apply to many different themes in life such as justice in a bad relationship, giving too much money away and then receiving it back, or being given long overdue credit where one has been overlooked at work or taken advantage of.

Sometimes this card can point to more charitable causes such as benefits or helping others in need, but it will be karmic, rather like a community service.

In many other cases the card will link to money that is owed or is due, it could be as small as a ticket return, small tax rebate or a lump sum that has been waiting to reach the querent. What is interesting about this card is that there is no feeling attached to the giving. Usually it will just be a case of “what is owed is owed”,  it is time to pay up and it is also time to give back what one might have taken – what goes around comes around.

Is it time that you received an overdue pay rise? Or is it your turn to pay someone? In life we tend to take things in turns. You do someone a favour, they will do you a favour in return, and so on. A great blessing that sometimes comes with this card is an ignorance to our own karmic bank. Many of us, when receiving this card, don’t realise just how good we have been and that we are about to reap some rewards! Sit back and enjoy.

The reversal of this card can indicate greed and that one has taken too much from a charitable cause or robbed someone else of their feelings in some way. If you find that you are going through an unpleasant time and this card shows up, it is usually because your karma is not balanced enough and the universe is asking you to put back what you may have unfairly taken.

The reversal is about learning how to give with no conditions or expectations. It is also about giving freely. It asks you to lower your barriers to the universe so that you can experience wholeness and become more stable and lenient to your surroundings.