6 of Cups

6 of Cups Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

In most card decks the Six of Cups portrays the image of a happy memory. We see flowers, precious moments and the return of old friendships as we recall what life was once like before.

Sometimes this card will literally talk about that – the past. What we remember and how the past made us feel. Perhaps something has resurfaced into our lives with the show of this card? It could be an ex lover, a photograph or a scenery we were once fond of. Sometimes our minds just take a trip down memory lane because the winds of change are asking us to move forwards and quite often we can feel a need to go back and check.

Quite often this card will represent some form of innocence, for example the person in question may not know what is going on around them in full. The card can also talk about parenthood or youth. There can also be a possibility of marrying someone from the past when this card shows or some form of happy reunion that brings up memories from the past.

If this card relates to a work situation then it is likely that you will be falling back into something very familiar. It can even talk about working from the comfort of your own home or going into business with someone from the past. Finances will often be gained from past connections or perhaps there is some inheritance money available. You may even be funded by someone close or within your family. This card can be very favourable where business and finances are concerned.

If this card applies to your relationships or friendships then again you may well meet someone that you haven’t seen in a while. Quite often there will be a special gathering where old faces appear or perhaps a phone call or an email. You may even be thinking about going back to an ex partner but depending on the other cards that surround the reading in general will also depend upon whether or not it is a good idea.

The reversal of the six will often indicate that you have already experienced a serious amount of hurt and upset that you may well be inflicting upon yourself by going back into a situation that has run its course. . The upside down of the six shows that you may be causing yourself more delays by going back to something that has already been finalised. The card requires your strength of will. The card can also speak about bad experiences regarding any reunions or past events.