5 of Wands

5 of Wands Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

Quite often with the Five of Wands, someone will feel in need of attention and will want to come first. When this card appears it is time to ask yourself how seriously you are taking your current projects and affairs. Is the battle worth it or is it time to give up?

Sometimes we are waiting for a deeper commitment when this card shows. There can be a need to prove self worth and also a need to prove to ourselves that we can meet the challenge that has been set, as this card will often test willpower and patience. Do you wish to be part of a team? Or do you want to stand up by yourself?

This card can speak about the desire to be recognised and congratulated for individuality rather than blending into something that no longer serves any real purpose. The card can also be a tell tale sign that it is time to break free from the norm and venture into something else.

If this applies to a work situation then it is time to take a good look at your surroundings. Perhaps there is no longer any room for you to express yourself? Are greedy people taking over? Do you feel powerless in terms of communication? It may be that you feel compelled to take part in something that is going to hinder your talents – if this is the case then you may well find yourself in a situation that requires you to speak up and voice your concerns. Because this is such a competitive card it can be time to let go of pettiness. Perhaps you are tired of competition and want to start something a little less demanding. Although some competition is good it can often leave us with blinkers on and block creative freedom.

In terms of finances – you may well find yourself in a situation that requires logic and balance. The Five of Wands can also talk about competing against material aspects such as feeling that one has to have a new car or accessory in order to make a status. It is perhaps time to focus a little on the more spiritual aspects of life instead, sometimes material can substitute the avoidance of digging deeper into hidden depths.

If the card applies to your love life then again you will need to reconsider whether the situation is more hassle than what it is actually worth. You may be trying to compete with your partner in some way or feeling neglected due to your partner’s business or family taking over in some form.

Communication is key when this card turns up in matters of the heart, usually something will have been overlooked due to preconceived ideas that the other person has failed to acknowledge.

Should the card be reversed then it asks you to deal with your frustrations head on. If you feel restricted or held back then it usually due to an inability to change your surroundings. Balance is needed and cooperation in order to allow yourself full expression. Reassess the situation and allow yourself to let go of old habits.