5 of Swords

5 of Swords Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Five of Swords is unfortunately quite a negative card. The keyword is ‘defeat’, and quite often when this card appears, we may feel as if we have run out of options, we may feel defenceless, even used to an extent. The Five of Swords draws us into ourselves and asks us to take a look at ourselves and determine whether or not we are doing enough for ourselves and also society. Am I treating others how I would like to be treated? Am I following my intuition? Am I working hard enough?

We may feel as if we have work to do ourselves but feel restricted in some way, therefore if this card applies to a work situation we may be feeling that we have either pushed a situation or a person too far, or that there is no longer a job left for us. We could feel incredibly restricted. But the challenge is to search a little deeper in order to find what our next step is in life.

In other cases the Five may suggest that you put your own needs first for a while and be a little selfish. Sometimes we allow ourselves to be taken advantage of and forget what it is that we are looking for. There is a huge sense of freedom attached to this card, but the challenge is that you will indeed have to work for it. A change of direction is necessary to get a positive outcome with this card, so cut your losses, swallow your pride, and start again.

The same applies to love and relationships. Quite often we find ourselves putting up with petty arguments that don’t do our self confidence any good. The Five of Swords would suggest that it is time to put our own barriers up and express: “Enough is enough”.

Should the Five be reversed then this will suggest that you have allowed someone else’s emotions to defeat you in some way and could well be feeling crushed. In other cases your own scepticism could be weighing you down and you may be experiencing the grazing of old wounds resurfacing. Be receptive to your surroundings and your thoughts, but most of all be patient.