5 of Pentacles

5 of Pentacles Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

When the Five of Pentacles appears in a reading we usually see an image that speaks about disappointment or rejection. The card echoes a feeling of being left outside in the cold. We must now fend for ourselves. There will usually be a heavy burden around the enquirer when this card shows up along with a feeling of doubt. Perhaps they have been let down in their love lives? Or failed to keep a tab on their finances? It could even be that they just aren’t feeling particularly happy about their lives anymore and although the enquirer may be feeling a little fragile or insecure due to plans backfiring, the card reminds them that they do have the capacity to change their situation if they so wish.

Because this card is from the Pentacle suit, it is usually linked with finances in some ways. It could indicate that the person in question is struggling to pay bills or is perhaps thinking about taking out a loan. Perhaps they have lost money through gambling? Or spending too much money on things they don’t really need when they should be saving. Sometimes when this card appears there is a sense that the enquirer has been supporting someone a little too much and neglecting their own needs.

If the card connects to a work situation then it could point to a feeling of rejection at work in the sense that the enquirer is being treated unfairly. Perhaps they are being underpaid? Sometimes this card can even signify a feeling of “not being good enough” or congratulated enough for their efforts. Maybe it is time to start looking around for other work? Therefore the advice would be to look at other ways to enhance self esteem and confidence, but to do the best you can in between times to keep yourself motivated.

In a love situation this card can point towards a number of different things in the enquirer’s life and can often speak about a feeling of inadequacy – how does your partner make you feel? Are you perhaps giving a little too much in the relationship and getting nothing back in return? Perhaps the person in question has suffered a bad ending in a relationship and is now suffering with low self esteem. Spiritually if this card shows up then perhaps you are doubting your own faith? Or feel as if you have let others down, spiritually in some way. Whichever one, the Five of Pentacles is not there to make you feel worse, but is there to remind you that you can pick yourself up and move on.

If this card is reversed then it can mean there is a karmic lesson to be learnt during a small set back. It is important that one stays in the present moment and doesn’t blame the past or worry too much about the future or anything they don’t have control over for that matter. The reversal of this card is often spiritual as the enquirer will often be seeking something more spiritual in life so don’t be frightened to go deeper within. So if you are finding things difficult to understand then the reversal of this card reassures you that it will all soon begin to make sense once you have done some soul searching.