5 of Cups

5 of Cups Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Five of Cups gives the impression of loss. Can a situation be fixed? Have we let someone down? Or more importantly, have we let ourselves down? This card can talk about exposure, shame or embarrassment. For example, the secret of a love affair or the breakdown of a job.

We might not want people to know our affairs or our darkest secrets, but sometimes there is a refusal to face up to what has been holding us back in life, so the Five of Cups reveals all. However, we are usually dealing with an emotional situation and some sort of loss, which could either be small or big. Whichever one, the card is either a reminder of what we could lose or a statement about the things we need to change in order to move forwards.

If this card applies to love then it will be alerting you that there are feelings of regret, denial, sorrow and even possession lingering around. This card has a habit of showing up either just before or after a break up. Just because it shows up however, it does not necessarily predict the end of a relationship but could instead talk about disappointment in a relationship. There may well be a need to fix things rather than leave them.

In terms of work, we may feel the disappointment of separation between work colleagues, we may feel let down or we may feel regret and sadness that we are leaving something behind in order to move on. This card can also speak about education and test results, often there will be a need to go back and do something again.

Financially, this card will be a warning that you could fall into an unhealthy loss if you do not take a firm grip soon. It is also a warning that you should think twice before investing in anything, and also to be careful with those around you who you do not feel you can trust. The card can also talk about theft and scandals.

Should this card show in reverse, then there will be a refusal to let go of what it is we have lost. We may be in denial after a broken heart or may not wish to start the search for a new career path because we are stuck in self doubt. The reversal of this card suggests that we are spending too much time looking backwards rather than forwards.

There is a strong need to let go.