4 of Wands

4 of Wands Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

Imagine what it feels like to pass an exam with the results you have been desiring or finally receiving the good news you always wanted! The sale of a house or the message from a lover. This is exactly the feeling that the Four of Wands brings! Good news and light relief. A “Phew, thank God we got through that”. It is often the card of victory and success.  The number four is a stable number and the suit of wands relates to work and action,  so quite often the message that this card brings relates to work and activity. But not always, quite often it is just excitement and exhalation! It could be the passing of a driving test for example, or good news about travel. It could represent absolutely anything that you are looking forwards to in life. It is congratulations!

In many cases this card will talk about experiences and events that are either coming up or have taken place. It is the stirring of feelings and the celebrations that may lie ahead such as an engagement or a party. If this card relates to your working life then it may well be indicating a moving forwards with work or more travel. Perhaps you are going on a trip with work? Or perhaps you have just passed a huge appraisal. Because four is such a stable number it can also speak about being fixed in work for a fairly long time, it can point towards relief that your job is secure.

On the other hand, it can also talk about freedom and flexibility, so perhaps some freelance work or a sign that you are breaking barriers and connecting with those around you. It is emotional and mental growth but also stimulation, and this also speaks about finances, as there is often a sense of building attached to it.

If the card relates to love then quite often it will indicate the returning of a partner that has been on a long trip, or it could indicate the purchase of a new property together. It may also speak about an extremely secure relationship that is progressing. This card can also be the symbol of marriage and partnerships.

Should this card show up reversed then it can talk about a lack of respect and a need for patience. Quite often the person will be too narrow-minded about a situation and there can be a refusal to back down. However the reversal still talks about positive improvements if you are willing to open up. It asks you to think about the little things that matter rather than the big things, as sometimes when we focus on small, sentimental details and take time out to appreciate these things, the bigger things start to emerge as a reward which within itself is much more gratifying!