4 of Swords

4 of Swords Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Four of Swords can often stand for trials or the need to protect oneself. There is a feeling of stillness and clarity attached to the card as well that offers us time to think things over and reflect.

Sometimes the Four of Swords will speak about time alone at home or could be a sign that we need to protect ourselves and also our relationships. It is a fantastic healing card and may often appear in a reading after difficult times. It is also a card of thought and talks about the foundations of life in general. It can even speak about building something, such as a new home.

If the person is question feels lost when this card shows up, then it is a clear sign that they should be taking time out to rest. Quite often when the stillness of life creeps up on us we immediately feel restless and want to know why things have gone so quiet, but actually this card begs for patience.

If the card relates to you, then you must continue to go with the flow, casting worries aside. It connects with our thoughts, so mindfulness plays a strong part here.

In terms of work , we may be trying to build or protect a business. It is also the card of stability as far as work and finances go but we are often thinking about our next steps with the arrival of the four.

In terms of relationships, quite often one will be trying to viciously protect what they have out of fear, again this card asks for your trust and patience. Other interpretations may indicate the need to withdraw for a while after a stressful period.

The reversal of this card can speak about the need to keep a low profile after feeling intimidated or embarrassed.  It asks you to put all your thoughts in order and perhaps try alternatives such as meditation or mindful thinking. Quite often this reversal suggests that our thoughts have become too much. Don’t try and think too much but rather accept that thoughts just come and go. Try not to build your walls so high as it will stop others from getting in!