4 of Pentacles

4 of Pentacles Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Four of Pentacles is a fairly possessive card! Often the image represents a character of some kind holding onto what he feels is his. The impression is that nothing is going to give way! And the person that represents the image in the reading can often be seen as incredibly stubborn and childish. Quite often, an ego is put first and the card asks you to weigh everything out as carefully as you can, reminding you that you are in control of the situation.

Usually this card will speak about issues with ownership, such as who belongs to who and what belongs to what. It can imply a selfishness and greed to hold on to things or hoard things and there will be a strong need to let go, but it will be incredibly hard! Sometimes we become fixed in our routines and find it hard to give up the things that are holding us back, we can also cling onto objects or people for security. You may be involved in a situation where you are asked to give up the ghost. You may be holding onto money or a property that isn’t yours or could find yourself in the reverse situation – perhaps someone around you is holding on to something which belongs to you and not letting go? Use this card to persevere if you will without making judgements until you have the right level of knowledge.

In work situations the card will mostly relate to jealousy or the urge for control. Sometimes it can speak about blocked self expression or a repressed anger towards work colleagues. On the other hand however, the card can speak about financial and material security. As fours are equal, just like a cube, it can be very difficult to crush and sometimes when we see this card in a work or financial situation, we can feel relief that our jobs or finances are secure.

In terms of love life, the four can indicate that things have become too comfortable, hindering growth. Therefore it is wise to assess the progress of the relationship at hand. Perhaps consider ways in which you might be holding yourself back? Have you become stuck in a comfort zone? Sometimes this card will speak about a possessive partner who refuses to let go, often we are blinded with the four and it can literally feel as if four walls are around us with no exits!

If the Four of Pentacles is reversed then it can speak about acting without thinking or grasping hold of material possessions too tightly, without considering the effect it may be having on those that surround you.

Sometimes it can speak about taking something without permission, or in other cases, subtle manipulation. It may even be that the person enquiring is emotionally repressed themselves and unstable in some way, but quite often they are denying themselves and ignoring or neglecting their needs.  Selfishness and stubbornness play a huge role, and we normally see people blinded by their own obstacles with the reversal of the four. It is important then, to step back and re-evaluate for a while.