4 of Cups

4 of Cups Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Four of Cups can sometimes be an indication that it is perhaps time to give up on a situation that isn’t really going anywhere.

It can speak about boredom, apathy and frustration and usually reminds us that it is time for renewal. Therefore the person in question may well be looking to change their lifestyle in some way because routines have become a little mundane. The message is – use time to reflect and renew your energy levels.

If this card applies to a work situation then it could be a strong indication that you are no longer gaining a sense of fulfilment. Perhaps you are putting too much effort into a project that you don’t feel particularly passionate about? Perhaps you have become bored and fed up with work colleagues or just feel that you are not in the right place of work. The message here suggests that it is perhaps time to think about moving on in some way.

If the card relates to material or finances then it usually suggests that you are spending money for no reason and not appreciating the things you buy into. Perhaps you are even spending money because you are bored? It could even be that you have become bored of your home environment or that your wardrobe needs a rethink.. sometimes changing our image can make us feel differently about things , bringing new spark and flavour into our lives.

In terms of love, the card suggests that someone isn’t listening to you or that you or your partner have become bored or fed up of the relationship. Perhaps you are sticking together out of routine and fear rather than love? Or perhaps you need to spark up the flame a little. Quite often things have run dry due to ignorance – relationships can be saved when the Four of Cups appears depending on the surrounding cards.

If the Four of Cups is reversed then it suggests that you are not allowing yourself to face up to the truth and are perhaps holding on to people or possessions out of habit. In this case the card suggests that is perhaps time to let go. Try to look into other possibilities by joining a new club, searching for a new job or taking up a new hobby. Quite often there is a desire to meet new people but the person in question can be unsure of how to make the first move. This is all about breaking unwanted cycles and it can be done with determination and positive affirmation.