3 of Wands

3 of Wands Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Three of Wands shows a figure, often standing on a cliff looking out over the ocean. The card represents opportunity, and the view of the ocean is a symbol of complete freedom. When we find ourselves tangled up in dilemma we often react without thinking, but the Three of Wands suggests that we hold up and take an entirely different approach.

There is a sense of inner freedom that comes with the Three, wisdom and adjustment as we ourselves step back and breathe in the sea air. We may be able to see the mountains, we may be able to see a chapel, a courtyard or the birds, but whatever we see, we have given ourselves permission to see rather than turn a blind eye, and that is the importance of the Three of Wands.

It reminds us that we hold the key to our destiny, and that if we allow ourselves to be open then we can begin to ignite an old spark or a future flame.  Now is the time to trust our visions, our hopes and our ideas. Someone may be able to show us the way, or we may have already found our own way.

In work situations this card usually suggests that you take on the role of the leader, in the sense that you lead yourself. Someone has to go first and usually this card echoes a great deal of inner strength and courage. You may have had a strong vision of a future business or a wake up call in a current job. It is clear that you have seen beyond your limitations and now you must focus – the same applies with finances.

In terms of love and relationships, quite often we have allowed ourselves to read between the lines, and we have seen a relationship for what it really is. We may have decided to turn our backs on a situation or woken up to a premonition or prediction. In this case we are able to break free of chains and barriers that were previously holding us back.

If the Three of Wands shows reversal then you may have allowed others to take advantage. This is not a time to be careless. You may have experienced failure due to a lack of patience. The reversal also suggests that you are not opening up enough to the universe, you will need to detach yourself from situations that you no longer find your heart in. Take time to think things through and connect with nature.