3 of Swords

3 of Swords Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

When the three of swords appears in a reading we are usually looking at unwanted company or a heart break of some kind. As we see in the image of the Three of Swords a heart with three swords running through it.

We are often stunned when this card shows up , we are heartbroken , we are in denial and we are angry.

Sudden pain can seem like the worst thing one earth as we are often unsure about which direction to turn in. Quite often, we are dealing with an open wound and a longing to find answers to our questions.

This card will usually apply to relationships where we are faced with a love triangle, a separation, or an act that forces us to break down emotionally. Perhaps someone has got in the way of your relationship? Perhaps your partner has been unfaithful or perhaps you have both decided to go your separate ways.

The message of this card is to face the situation as best you can and investigate. The reason the pain may be so overpowering is because you were not expecting it, but luckily the pain eases quickly as we begin to unfold the matter at hand and gain clarification. If this card shows up in your future then it is warning you not to trust someone. It does not always mean cheating or betrayal but it can certainly mean heartache and unnecessary pain which can be avoided.

If this card applies to finances then we may be looking at an even split, such as the split of a property or finances that need to be spread out equally. This card may well apply to business in this case too. You may come to realise that you were not entitled to all that you were expecting and it often comes as a surprise and not a good one!

In other cases this card may well warn you of people that you can not trust in business or finances. It may be warning you to rethink your plans before signing or agreeing to anything.

The important thing to remember with this card overall is that we can all be reckless at times. Sometimes our actions take place in a cruel manner because we are hurt ourselves and are unsure of how to handle emotions. Deep hurt cries out in this card and past pains will rise to the surface often causing others to taste what is hidden so well underneath the surface. Time is a healer.

The Three of Swords reversed reveals that you are finding the pain of separation incredibly hard. You may be experiencing sorrow and inner conflict. The reversal foretells that better times are ahead and urges you to become your own healer. Although you are feeling sorrow and confusion, your pain will soon ease up so that you can begin to the see the woods through the trees again.