3 of Pentacles

3 of Pentacles Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Three of Pentacles often points towards group work and participation. There is often a need to do ones homework. Perhaps studying, or a new project. Quite often with the image on the three of pentacles we do see team work or other images often show supervision , as if we are being watched over.

If this card applies to your work situation then this could be the case. You could well be in a place where you are being supervised in order to make sure that your skills match up to the requirements. Other situations may point towards an apprenticeship of some kind. There will often be a need for planning and preparation with this card, and in particular with finances.

Financial interpretations may speak about the need to get work or projects finalised before reaping any rewards. This card is about creating work so that we can begin to build a future for ourselves, so although money will be slow to start with , the future prospects are almost always positive!
This card can also talk about self employment or someone making money from the arts.

In terms of love life , this card may ask you to consider all possibilities before arriving at a decision. There could also be someone else involved romantically as it is the “three”.  Usually there will be a feeling or inclination with the enquirer that something isn’t quite right.

Should this card show reversal  then you could be taking on too much at once! Quite often the person in question has lost themselves completely in work or creativity and it is time to take a break for reflection. The reversal can also indicate an opportunity to prove your capabilities to someone else but you will need lots of practice and determination to get it right! Take a deep breath and build on your confidence before putting yourself under pressure!