3 of Cups

3 of Cups Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Three of Cups heralds a time of harmony, balance, reunion and celebration and is perfect for the festive season. Because this is such a lovely card to appear in a reading, it doesn’t really have many negative sides, so we can finally sit back and congratulate ourselves for hard work. This card is said to bring good news and abundance.

In the Rider and Waits deck we see three young maidens raising their glasses in a circle to toast joy, for this is a time of happiness, celebration and triumph!

This card entertains a feeling of excitement and automatically gives us something to look forward to.

You may be looking to reconnect with old friends or perhaps a past lover has returned? This can also be the card for social networking and is indeed very social as it can predict love and reconnection around events or celebrations. Dating sites are also key here and may well speak about success with group organisations and other social commitments. Most of all, this is the card of true friendship and celebration. It can also represent creativity in a social sense, so if you are thinking about joining a new organisation then this card is giving you the thumbs up. It could be absolutely anything such as a dance class or an art class or a charity but whatever the group association is this card is telling you to go ahead, have fun and enjoy!

Take note of what is in your diary when the Three of Cups turns up, perhaps there is an engagement on the way or a birthday? If you are single, it may well indicate that you will meet someone special or point to an important event that serves you justice.

Important things to consider with the Three of Cups

Have you been working extra hard recently? Congratulations could well be on the way! Perhaps a promotion? Or an important event that brings good news.

Perhaps life has been tough on you recently and you’ve been feeling a bit down in the dumps? Well fear no more, as now you can finally let go and relax as life brings a little luck to your doorstep. Perhaps it is that past lover you have been thinking about? Or it could be a broken friendship repairing itself.

Has it been a long time since you’ve spent quality time with your family? Perhaps there is an engagement yet to be announced or a christening. It could even be someone’s Birthday. Whatever it is, a happy occasion long awaits.

On a broader note the Three of Cups can also be associated with end conclusions. It could be that final point at the end of the week where you suddenly realise what the answer is, or it could be a successful resolution that allows you to move forwards with peace and clarity. It could even be a social group that you are involved with that gives you that extra bit of guidance and encouragement. The key thing to remember with the Three is connections, celebrations and creativity.

Possible down sides to this card if you read in reverse could indicate “two’s company and three’s a crowd”. Or perhaps that party you were in two minds about isn’t such a good idea after all. If you see a lot of negative cards that surround the three it could also speak about signs of betrayal or deceit.