2 of Swords

2 of Swords Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

Is someone not listening to you? Or do you feel misunderstood? What is going on exactly? Misunderstandings? Ignorance? Or a refusal to face up to the truth? Perhaps we don’t feel ready to face the truth or perhaps we would just prefer not to listen to polite warnings. Most of us feel confused when the Two of Swords presents itself to us, and we can feel unclear about all means of communication, but at least one thing’s for sure – the barriers have to be removed eventually because we are already starting to acknowledge what is going on.

We can not continue in a vicious circle of lies and nor can we live with our heads constantly stuck in the sand – as soon as we start to focus we will surely begin to see that communication does not have to be as complicated as what it is. In many cases this card sometimes speaks about being ignored in some way, or there can be a feeling of being neglected in some way. So the card asks you : “What are you really feeling and what do you want to do?” Nine times out of ten the answer will be simple, but the person in question will feel precarious about taking the step in life.

So when this card appears in readings it is time to think about what you are hiding from. Sometimes we put on a front to please others, we even talk about things that don’t interest us – just to please others. We may even smile when we are actually feeling pain inside but this can not go on forever and somewhere along the lines something will have to be broken down either by your own inner knowingness or an outside source.

In terms of relationships this card can literally speak about being “ignored”. Is your partner ignoring your emotions or your sensitivity? Are you pretending that you are not hurt when really you are? Sometimes we need to deal with past pain whether we like it or not, we need to do this so we can move forwards in life.

As far as work and finances go you may be ignoring an urge to move on. Are you ignoring paying bills? Or filing important documents? You may even feel the need to ignore a client that causes you distress. This card will offer you the chance to take on different methods of communications if this is the case – quite often it is simply a case of readjusting our attitude ever so slightly so you can gently shine light on the person that is causing unnecessary chaos waking them up to their own insecurities.

If the Two of Swords shows reversal in a reading then there is often a feeling that communication has got out of hand completely – sometimes it even talks about backwards communication such as communicating from the past or thinking about the past in too much detail. Are you holding yourself up by thinking about the past too much? In other situations this card will talk about communication delays of some kind or even travel delays.