2 of Pentacles

2 of Pentacles Tarot Card by Tarot Guru


When the Two of Pentacles appears in a reading, we are looking to juggle our lifestyles. We may have many things on the go but be confused about where to start. This card reassures you that you are capable of balance. It asks you to be flexible if you want to be successful.

The Two of Pentacles is interesting as it has a flip side and, rather like flipping a coin, you never know which side it is going to land on. On the positive side, this card is fun and indicates laughter and good times, vitality and a feeling of youthfulness.

On the negative side however, this card represents us becoming obsessed with our goals and the fact that we can become compulsive in our ordeals, forgetting that the people around us exist and care about us.

Most of the time this card will relate to our financial goals. How much we can earn, how much we can save, and how much we are willing to spend. In most cases the Two of Pentacles indicates that you probably spend and save money equally, but there is always room for improvement.

Sometimes when this card shows up around a career opportunity we can find ourselves struggling indecisively, unsure of which way to go. Which job do we choose? Who do we like the most? And should we sacrifice our own needs for someone else’s? Perhaps we feel guilty about leaving our jobs or perhaps we feel that we can no longer juggle two part time jobs.

In terms of love this card will ask you to make a decision. Sometimes the person in question will be very unsure about what they are really looking for in a relationship, whilst other interpretations may illustrate someone who is trying to have their cake and eat it!

Should the Two of Pentacles show reversal then you may be faced with a social dilemma. You might have been forced to make a decision under pressure. You could also find yourself stuck in a waiting game, forcing you to think about your options carefully. The reversal then indicates that you should take care when considering new ideas; perhaps it is time to take a completely new approach to the circumstances that you are in. Gaining balance is vital with this reversal and there is usually a reason why things have been put on hold.