2 of Cups

2 of Cups Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Two of Cups is a beautiful card and whispers “true love”. It heralds a time of friendship, union, love and commitment. Most images symbolise a man and woman joining together with a cup held in each hand celebrating their joy for each other. There is either a very strong bond or a romantic and sexual attraction. Therefore if you are curious about a relationship and this card appears then this is the one you want to see! Sometimes, the card can indicate a marriage or a stronger commitment such as an engagement or new living arrangements, whereas other times it symbolises the beauty and power of love. Sometimes when the card appears randomly in a reading it can be a reminder that a relationship still has lots of spark left and that it is perhaps everlasting.

It is also important to note that this card doesn’t always mean “romance” as it can sometimes relate to mutual understandings in business partnerships. It could be that you have a work colleague who is extremely loyal or that you are working closely with someone creatively. The Two of Cups is about a working chemistry between two people so it is always a good idea to consider the situation as a whole by studying the other cards present in the reading.

A deeper read of the card would perhaps indicate in some circumstances that two is company and three is a crowd or that big celebrations are coming up such as marriage. If you are in some conflict and this card shows up it indicates that nothing will come between you and the person that you most desire after or care about. The card may even be asking for your forgiveness.

If the card is reversed then there may be a need to control ones emotions or perhaps empathy is required amongst friends and family. It could also point towards an imbalance in a relationship in the sense that things may not be as even or as “equal” as one hoped. Sometimes ego can stand in the way of a relationship and there can be a refusal to face up to what really matters in a relationship if the Two is upside down, therefore it warns you not to let your own pride ruin a relationship. Another upside down meaning of the card can ask for patience in terms of “high expectations” – perhaps it is wise to accept that not everything can be perfect all the time, if you are facing a few rocky roads in a relationship then hold on, as although the card is upside down it is still extremely positive and does promise that things are probably more workable than what you realised.