10 of Wands

10 of Wands Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

The Ten of Wands often displays an image of frustration where we perhaps identify with a feeling of becoming overburdened and overwhelmed – in many cases we are consuming too much of something or taking on more than what we can handle. Quite often we have allowed ourselves to get to that stage due to poor time management and organisation. It is easy to set unrealistic goals with the Ten of Wands in the sense that we feel that we can take on the whole world, but sooner or later we are caught up in a vicious cycle that won’t allow us time to reflect  or rejuvenate .

In terms of career and daily life this card will apply to the heavy demands that are set upon us tied to a wishful feeling of escapism . We may wonder how we arrived at our current circumstances, our home lives or our working lives and the card indicates that things have simply become too much. When we feel overburdened and fed up we lose excitement along with the urge to try out new things. In fact, we become so sucked into our monotonous duties that we forget there is a life outside of our inner struggles , we forget to relax and instead feel boundless with tension and withdrawn.

It may be time to ask yourself, who exactly is sitting over your shoulder? Why is it you feel trapped? And are you really trapped or can you make changes to break your way into freedom? Perhaps you are unsure of what it is that makes you feel free and at ease with life, if this is a case then now is a good time to start writing lists. If you are taking on too much work then ask yourself if you can afford to take a step back or at least employ someone else to help you if possible.

In terms of relationships and love life this card would imply a suffocation of feeling to the extent that you can not identify with your own. You are taking on way too much than what you can emotionally afford. In most love and relationship situations this card will talk about boredom and entrapment but a refusal to face up to what’s needed in order to change repetition in cycles. If change is not pushed at this stage then resentment will set in, causing things to spiral out of control where eventually the tower will fall down, crumble and disrupt everything anyway. The choice is always our own, but the card is a reminder that our highest point of frustration in life is often the turning point.

Should the Ten of Wands show in reverse then quite often we will have missed our original idea – there may well be a need to go back over things and check in this case. It could also indicate that your burdens have increased significantly and that you are really at a point in life where something is going to have to change. In this case it is a clear cut sign that you should cut something dead before it gets the better of you. Don’t let others take control and do what you can to release yourself step by step.