10 of Cups

10 of Cups Tarot Card by Tarot Guru

Quite often the Ten of Cups reminds us that there is a higher force of energy sitting above us and that perhaps the divine really does exist when we experience magical circumstances in life which we know we have come to deserve. Life couldn’t be better with The Ten of Cups, for this is how everyone wishes their life to be when they have worked hard enough to earn it. It is a simple existence that many of us can have and we can all experience small glimmers of this ecstasy that the Ten brings to us. This card more often that not relates to settling in some way and is a sign of completion and contentment.

When the Ten of Cups appears in a reading it confirms that cycles are now complete and you can start to enjoy the benefits. You can forget about material troubles, relationship issues or petty arguments with those around you because The Ten of Cups puts problems to the side and promises that better times lie ahead. It is now time to secure a foundation in life so you can expect peace, serenity and prosperity with no regrets about the past and no concerns about the future. This is a time of joy and happiness.

If this card applies to a relationship, then it can indicate a ‘happy ever after’ situation. However, sometimes it can also speak about a short term, lustful relationship, depending on the other cards that surround it at the time. In most cases however this card can set the scene for marriage, engagement, long terms relationships and abundance.

If this card relates to work or finances it can speak about a completion such as a house move or even a job offer of some kind. If you have been setting up your own business then this card brings reassurance that there will be security and much success. Sometimes however there can be a need to look for problems with the Ten of Cups when the problems have already been fixed. Sometimes we can be ignorant to our own bliss because it doesn’t seem real enough for us. The Ten can also serve us as a test in the sense that it is “one last final go at things” but because it is such a jolly, upbeat card the answer is already there – you will get it right.

If the Ten of Cups is reversed it can indicate that high hopes have failed in some way and that you have perhaps gone far too inwards, resulting in failed dreams. There is often a need to be more practical about life when this card shows up reversed, perhaps spend some time thinking about where you have gone wrong. Quite often we have been unrealistic and have put too much pressure on ourselves so that it has distorted our views. Take time out to heal a broken heart and try not to worry so much about time, the terrible feeling of disappointment will soon pass.