About Tarot Guru

Tarot Guru is a brand new service designed and developed with price in mind!

We are passionate about the Tarot and respect its ability to truly help us understand our situations better. Our team based in the North of England regularly have our Tarot cards read because we too seek guidance from this magical, mystical tool of divination, so we know what we’re looking for!

We don’t outsource readers from ‘overflow’ companies or place a reader on our website through recommendation. We are vigilant with our recruitment process because if the tarot reader doesn’t impress us, they won’t impress you! We expect the reader to have a full understanding of each card in the major and minor arcana, as standard, however it’s what we see beyond the written meaning of the card that really gets us excited. We look for an intuition beyond the ordinary, someone who can use the cards as a tool to help you find the right answer to any question you have on your mind.

Place your trust in us for your Tarot card reading whether it’s your first, one of many you’ve had or even if you’re a reader yourself! We have no doubt you’ll find what you’re looking for and gain the answers and guidance to the questions on your mind, or the truth you seek.